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Eco Dining: A Guide to Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Destin, FL

Located on the Emerald Coast in northwest Florida, Destin is known for its pristine beaches, laid-back atmosphere, and countless seafood restaurants. That sounds great, but what if you’re vegetarian or vegan? Are there vegetarian or vegan-friendly restaurants in Destin, FL?


Different from bigger cities in Florida, entirely vegan or vegetarian restaurants are hard to find in Destin. Still, that doesn’t mean you’ll be left to starve on your trip; you do have options for restaurants that either have menu items or sites that cater to such dietary preferences – or at least the staff is more than willing to make adaptations.


For someone who’s vegetarian or vegan, meal times can be a challenge for the following reasons:


      • Social: When traveling with a group, social situations may revolve around non-vegetarian meals, and finding alternatives can be difficult. There might be pressure to conform to local eating customs.
      • Local specialties: Some destinations have specific local specialties that may not align with vegan or vegetarian dietary preferences. Missing out on these culinary experiences can be disappointing.


        • Limited breakfast options: Breakfast menus in certain places may heavily feature animal products, making it challenging to find a variety of vegan or vegetarian options.


      That’s only to name a few. Despite those, however, with careful research, planning, and communication, it’s possible to enjoy a fulfilling vegan or vegetarian dining experience in Destin, FL.


      We’ll make things easier for you to find vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants on your trip. This blog will bring you a selection of the best vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Destin, FL.


      Let’s dive right in!


      Vibe Vegan Bistro


      Vibe Vegan Bistro is one of the only establishments in town that focuses exclusively on vegan cuisine. The owners believe in combining culinary excellence with nature to promote a higher and more conscious lifestyle.

      The ambiance is comfortable and inviting. The decor is sleek, and modern, with lovely touches of lush greenery, which makes you appreciate their offerings even more. The menu options allow you to pick some gourmet coffee and try great breakfast offerings.


      They offer a diverse variety of plant-based dishes with bold flavors. Some favorites include their recreations of steak, and their Breakfast Burrito and Breakfast Tacos are amazing. Lunch Bowls are also excellent. They also have a great wine list, and an in-house sommelier can guide you through it if you need help choosing.



      Jackacuda’s Seafood & Sushi


      Located in the heart of Destin’s vibrant HarborWalk Village, this easygoing eatery blends Asian cuisine with other dishes and combines them with amazing cocktails and marina views. What more could you ask for a nice dinner in Destin?


      They are known for seafood and sushi, but the team is very welcoming to dietary requests and is accustomed to coming up with veggie-based dishes upon your request. The sushi options include many veggie rolls with high-quality ingredients such as cucumber, avocado, and daikon sprouts. You can also ask for a vegetarian poke bowl without the hai steak; the Hai Steak bowl (minus the steak) is a popular option for its vegetables and seaweed.


      Strawberry and watermelon mint lemonade are favorites among the drink options. Another popular dish with vegetarians is the Vegetarian Tofu Drunken Noodles, and this is also good for those who are meat eaters. 

      The environment is pretty relaxed, with a beach-chic vibe, and the service is excellent. If you pick your table well, you’ll also have great views of the boardwalk.



      Red Onion Organic


      Red Onion Organic is all about offering gourmet Mediterranean food in the heart of Florida. As the name suggests, they have a healthy twist to it, which includes a variety of plant-based options such as falafel or a veggie sandwich — all remarkably fresh.


      This cozy beach casual, mom-and-pop restaurant focuses on fresh ingredients and exceptional service. They also offer a nice selection of wines and beers to round out the meal beautifully.


      For a comfortable, gourmet Mediterranean dining experience, it’s hard to beat Red Onion Organic. This family-owned restaurant consistently delivers with fresh ingredients, beautifully balanced seasoning, and friendly, prompt service.


      The decor here is cozy, beach casual, and while the restaurant’s approach isn’t going to win any awards for aesthetics, the interior is inviting, beachy, and fun. When you step through the door, you’ll be welcomed with savory smells, friendly smiles, and beautifully plated dishes on the tables of other diners. The atmosphere at Red Onion Organic invites you to sit back, relax, and take your time with each course of the meal. They also offer a nice selection of wines and beers to complement the dining experience.


      Some vegetarian highlights and recommendations include the Hummus and Pita with house-made hummus and the Falafel, whether in a sandwich or as a standalone dish. The latter tastes authentically Greek with fresh herbs and organic ingredients. The feta cheese rolls and Baba Ghanouj are also popular choices. We highly suggest you leave some room for dessert; their baklava is to die for!



      Lulu’s Buffet


      Lulu is truly an all-in-one experience—perfect for dinner, drinks, and dancing! And they have a fantastic menu, flexible enough to adjust to your dietary requirements.


      Wondering about their buffet? It’s just excellent, and their vegetarian dishes use only the freshest ingredients and the most flavorful spices. We suggest you try their green tomatoes, served with their house recipe sauce. From the menu, the veggie bowl is also an all-time favorite because of the roasted vegetables.


      A visit to Lulu’s means you’ll dine in style and enjoy great live music. The spot is right on the bay and perfect for a sunset. Given its popularity, we suggest you make a reservation though. Oh, and this place is really welcoming: you can even bring your pet to the patio. What more do you need?



      Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl and Grill


      Uncle Buck’s is more like that classic all-American establishment. It’s large and has a family-friendly vibe. The space includes an underwater-themed bar and even a 16-lane bowling alley.


      The menu is great with options for vegans and vegetarians. You can try, for instance, the Vegetable Lover’s Pizza or the so-called “Impossible Burger,” which can also come in a gluten-free bun. Other options include Fried Pickle Chips and Garlic Toast.


      This place is great for a good time. Besides the restaurant, they’ve got a pool room and a complete bowling alley, along with an arcade, climbing wall, bumper cars, climbing ropes, and lots of other cool stuff. The place has a really nice nautical theme, making it a perfect setup for loads of fun.



      The Pancakery


      The Pancakery is a diner-like restaurant offering classic breakfast food, including, as you guessed it, pancakes, which are great for vegetarians. The strawberry-banana, blueberry, and bananas foster are local favorites, and they also have the Healthy Delight, which is a whole-grain alternative.


      They also have great crepes, eggie omelets, veggie wraps, Belgian waffles, French toast, Avocado toast, crepes, salads, and the soup of the day. Still, if you don’t find what you’re craving on the menu, you can ask the staff; they’re usually pretty accommodating.






      Craving something homemade? Crackings is the place to go. This family-owned spot specializes in homestyle breakfast, brunch & lunch dishes.


      The charming decor is a mix of modern and timeless charm. And the food is amazing. Their forte is traditional breakfast, true, but they are super welcoming to vegetarian-friendly requests. They even include a VG mark in the menu itself to make things easier for you, marking the ones that are meat-free or can easily become meat-free. They do the same for options that are gluten-free if you need to avoid wheat. For instance, they have great quinoa berry bowls or gluten-free pancakes.


      Other popular veggie dishes include the Cinnamon Roll, Croisseignets, Spinacado Omelet, Avocado Egg Flat, French Toast, Belgian Waffle, and Sweet Cream Pancakes. Plenty of options!



      Looking for extra tips for vegans and vegetarians in Destin, Florida?



          • Check for vegan festivals and events: these are becoming more frequent every year, and not just in Destin. But everywhere. Attendees can enjoy a variety of plant-based foods, learn about new products, and connect with like-minded individuals.


            • Explore ethnic cuisines: Florida’s cultural diversity is reflected in its cuisine. Besides Thai and Japanese, also keep an eye out for Indian restaurants, which are especially great for vegetarian food!


              • Visit farmers’ markets: Florida has vibrant farmers’ markets where you can find fresh, local produce. Pick up fruits, vegetables, and other plant-based goodies for snacks or picnics during your travels. There’s nothing like cooking at home, especially if you are staying in a beautiful vacation rental by the beach equipped with a top-notch kitchenette.


              • Use apps designed for vegan travelers: such as HappyCow, Vegman, or Vanilla Bean.


            Heads up! Even in restaurants with vegetarian and vegan options, staff may not be well-versed in dietary restrictions, which can lead to uncertainty about ingredients. It’s always best to do your own research to avoid disappointments. Have your phone handy to double-check things before ordering.


            As mentioned at the beginning of this blog, being a vegetarian or vegan traveler is not always easy, but planning ahead and exploring different areas will surely help you make the most out of your visit to Destin.

            Do you know another way to make the best of your visit?


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