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Planning a vacation with your sweetheart or family and don’t know what you want to do? These free things to do in Destin FL make the most of your vacation budget without skimping on the fun! Everyone will enjoy these activities while you’re on your trip. Check out these top 4 free things to do in Destin FL: 

1. Go to the Beach

The ultimate free thing to do in Destin FL is go to the beach! Your kids will have fun splashing around in the water while you watch them from your lounge chair. If you have pails and other beach toys, bring them along for even more fun! If it’s just you and your significant other at the beach, you two can enjoy a romantic stroll by the water or just enjoy sitting in the sun together, listening to the waves hit the sand. If you’re in town with friends, bring a frisbee or a volleyball to the beach to play with! Grab some drinks and food. and have fun just being together and relaxing. No matter what you decide to do on the beach, it’s definitely the top activity to do in Destin that won’t cost you anything!

2. Visit Jolee Island Nature Park

Does your family enjoy spending time outside exploring the area? You guys should visit Jolee Island Nature Park while you’re in Destin. Walk across wooden bridges and look out over the water. You can even look into the water to see fish, turtles, and other aquatic creatures. Everyone will have fun walking along the edge of the water, which is a great place to fish if you want! There’s even a small lookout tower where kids can play or you can climb up for a better view across the water.

3. Walk the Boardwalk at Destin Harbor

Want to do fun things while being able to look out into the bay? Walk along the Boardwalk at Destin Harbor! This area is well taken care of with landscaping and plenty of places for you to sit and relax while you explore. Kids will enjoy seeing the boats in the harbor, and you will find all kinds of restaurants and businesses you can browse through or grab a bite at. If you do decide you want to do something fun you have to pay for, try parasailing or going on a dolphin tour. You can also rent kayaks or jet skis!

4. See Village of Baytowne Wharf

The Village of Baytowne Wharf is similar to the Boardwalk, except you aren’t right along the bay. You’re along the water of the wharf, which gets you close enough without getting wet! There are all kinds of events that go on at the Village of Baytowne Wharf, and some of them don’t charge admission! Your kids will enjoy playing on the Adventure Land Playground. There are also plenty of shops and restaurants to check out too!

You’ll enjoy any of these free things to do in Destin FL! Now you just need the perfect place to stay. Look at these vacation rentals in Destin FL to start planning your next trip!

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