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Are you trying to think of all the fun things to do on the beach with your family so you don’t miss out on anything? There are several activities everyone will enjoy doing when you visit Okaloosa Island beaches! From just relaxing to playing games, your family will make memories together no matter what you decide to do. Check out these top 7 fun things to do on Okaloosa Island beaches with your family:

1. Get in the Water

okaloosa pierYou’re probably heading to the beach when the weather is warm or hot. One of the must-do things on the beach is get in the water! Whether you just dip your toes in or you get waist deep, you’ll want to enjoy time in the water. Your kids will have fun splashing around and swimming in the Gulf, no matter if they are a toddler or a teenager!

2. Build Sandcastles

A fun activity you can do on Okaloosa Island beaches is build sandcastles together as a family. Be sure to bring those plastic buckets and shovels for a traditional sandcastle, or just free style it with your hands! Playing in the sand is one of the best parts about visiting the beach.

3. Play Games

people throwing a frisbee on the beachA great way to make memories with your family is to play games on the beach together. Many beaches have volleyball nets set up so you can play together. You could bring a frisbee and throw it to each other. If you have a cornhole board, you should set it up on the sand and play. There are so many options when it comes to what games you could bring or play.

4. Look for Seashells

Looking for seashells is a great way to spend time together as a family when you visit Okaloosa Island beaches. Little kids will have fun walking up and down the shoreline looking for white, brown, pink, and purple shells. You might even spot other creatures, from crabs to starfish. Everyone will have fun looking for shells and creatures on the beach!

5. Go for a Walk

people walking on the beachIf you are out on the beach near sunset, you’ll probably see lots of people walking along the water. Your whole family could walk up and down the beach to spend time together! And, you can walk along the beach any time of day, not just at sunset.

6. Have a Picnic

Want to spend all day on the beach and not have to go back to your vacation rental? Pack a cooler with your family’s lunch favorites, whether that’s sandwiches, chips, or something else. It’s always a good idea to pack snacks and drinks, but having a picnic on the beach is something everyone will remember long after you’re back home.

7. Relax

couple sitting on the beachWe can’t talk about being on the beach without mentioning relaxing! There’s nothing better than sitting on your chair or towel and listening to the water hit the shore. Take a nap, read a book, or just look out at the water to relax. Your whole family will love being on the beach!

Now since you have an idea of what you will do when you visit Okaloosa Island beaches, you just need a place to stay! Check out our Okaloosa Island vacation rentals, and find one that’s perfect for your family today!

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