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Top 5 Reasons Vacation Rental Owners Come to Our Program

There’s a reason so many owners choose to become a part of our program. We provide our valued owners things that you don’t always get with other companies. When property owners run into problems, they turn to us for help! Check out these top reasons why vacation rental owners come to our program:

1. Their property is always booked, but they’re still not making money.

Property managers have increased their fees to guests to a point where it’s started becoming a major deterrent for bookies. Most companies are charging 3-4 fees on top of rental income where the owner gets no split, and the property manager makes more profit. Owners come to us because RealJoy Vacations is known in the market for having the lowest fees for their guests! This way, rates can be higher, which the owner gets their split.

2. They search their property in Google but it doesn’t show up on many websites.

One problem is that most vacation rental software doesn’t connect to all the marketing channels, and it’s expensive to do so. Our owners don’t pay a dime for marketing, and their properties are listed on the biggest marketing channels available! Our vacation rental owners have their properties marketed on,,, Priceline, VRBO/Homeaway, and more. Because of this, we are known for producing 20%-30% more revenue than other property managers.

3. They are being “nickeled and dimed.”

Property managers tend to look at maintenance as a revenue stream. At RealJoy, we charge a low hourly fee of $45/hour and contact all owners if expenses are expected to surpass $150. 

After paying wages/insurance/vehicles/etc., this fee is near break even. We have our inspectors perform light maintenance on all of the check outs and are expected to tighten all door handles and chairs, blow out A/C drain lines, replace A/C filters, bulbs, batteries, and more. This is done at no additional cost for the owner!

4. Every time they come into town, things are missing or the property is damaged.

This is one of the toughest problems in the vacation rental business. At RealJoy, we are forward thinkers and wrote our own operational software in 2016. The software was such a huge success that we sold it to the largest apartment management company in the United States! Each unit has pictures and expectations of how it’s supposed to look and specific expectations for each owner. The housekeeper and inspector can’t leave the property without checking off that everything is complete.

5. They can never reach their property manager and talk to someone different every time they call.

Employees are extremely hard to find in our area. Most employees on the Emerald Coast commute over 1 hour to work. At RealJoy, we are proud to say we have an employee retention rate of 94% with more than 50 employees! Our company motto is, “Because You Matter.” Everyone from the homeowner, to the guests, to the employees, to the vendors, to the HOA’s, to the person we interact with in the elevator are the reason our business is successful!


Helping our vacation rental owners grow and protect their property is our top priority. If you’re interested in learning more and/or working with us, please visit our Owners page for more information.

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