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30A Florida is a beautiful area to visit on your next beach vacation! If you’ve never been to the area, you may not know much about it. We want to share some information about 30A with you that will make you want to plan your trip immediately. Here are the top 7 fun facts about 30A Florida you may not know:

1. 30A is a scenic highway along the coast.

30a highway floridaYou may have thought 30A was an island along the Emerald Coast. It’s actually a scenic highway! 30A was the first county road to be designated as an official scenic highway by the state of Florida. It’s about 19 miles long and runs along the Gulf of Mexico between Destin and Panama City.

2. It is made up of 16 communities.

30A is pretty special because it is made up of 16 different communities. This area stretches from Dune Allen Beach to Inlet Beach. Each neighborhood has its own style and personality that makes it different from the rest.

3. The sand on the beaches is made of white quartz from the Appalachian Mountains.

30a beach When you stay in 30A Florida, one of the most distinct characteristics is the bright white sand against the emerald waters of the Gulf. This bright white sugary sand is made of tiny pieces of quartz. The beaches are almost 100 percent quartz, which is particularly unusual for Florida. Where did the sand come from? Hundreds of years ago, erosion and other natural phenomena carried the quartz from the Appalachian Mountains to where it sits on the beaches now.

4. There are about 200 miles of biking and hiking trails.

South Walton is right next to 30A, and in this area, there are 200 miles of biking and hiking trails, providing visitors with more outdoor activities. You’ll love enjoying the beauty of nature as you walk through the woods and beside marshes. There’s also a 19-mile paved biking area called 30A Bike Path, also known as the Timpoochee Trail. It runs along coastal dune lakes and through the charming beach communities.

5. Building height is restricted to 4 stories.

One thing you may notice about the area is the lack of huge condos and tall buildings. 30A Florida wanted to keep its natural appeal, so in 2006, Walton County banned all high density towers. They restricted building height to 4 stories or 50 feet.

6. Seaside founded the New Urbanism movement.

If you know anything about architecture, you probably know about New Urbanism. 30A Florida is the birthplace of this movement. Seaside, a small community in the area, is the home to the first New Urbanism design. It has a town center with shopping and dining, all within walking distance of homes and cottages. The sidewalks, bike paths, and white picket fences are really what set 30A apart.

7. The Truman Show was filmed in the area.

If you love Jim Carrey, you probably already know this fun fact. The Truman Show was filmed in 30A in the 1990s! You can see many parts of the set from the movie in the area today, including Modica Market. This movie is one of the things that put the area on the map.

Now you know a little more about 30A Florida! Are you ready to visit this quaint little area between Destin and Panama? Check out our vacation rentals in 30A Florida and book one today!

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